Frequently asked questions

Who is RC Corals?

We're a team that imports and propegates corals that we find unique and interesting. We try to focus on more of a "private stock" approach but that doesn't mean everything we sell is high priced or rare, it just means we try to provide some things that are different. Cathy's more about the Softies, Mushrooms, Hammers and Torches, and Rick's more into Anemone's and the SPS/Acropora sort of things.

Where are you located?

We're close to Nashville, TN, and located just off I-24 in Smyrna, TN. With the current state of Covid-19 and to keep number of people around at one time to a minimum, we're choosing to remain an appointment only operation for the time being so please don't just "show up" and expect to browse our inventory.

Would you Deliver?

Sure, I'd deliver an order over $350 within a reasonable distance (thats up to my judgement), with a $20 fee for gas.
Of course I'd probably want to bring my camera and take photos of your tank and corals as a bonus.
Appointment time for delivery would be flipped though... you'd be at my mercy and availability of weekends and evenings.

Do you grow all your corals or import also?

We grow as many corals ourselves as space and time allow. When there's a lapse in availability we'll bring in some things we like from our multiple wholesale partners and make those available to you through our website. "IF" there's something you're specifically looking for we would be happy to try to find it and bring it in from a wholesale partner for you.

Do you have any other pets?

Yes... we're cat people.
We have 4 unique cat personalities we've adopted that share our coral and anemone interests.
• Neko is the elder statesman at 14 years old - Main Coone • Little Girl is a 9 year old tiny Tuxedo that is Cathy's lap cat and Sashimi afficianado extraordinaire. • Charlie (7yrs) is Rick's peach panther that was a street kitten living in the sewers by our house and adopted us. His relationship with Rick is much like a Clownfish's relationship with it's Anemone • Gabe, Gabriel, GabeGaberson is our youngster (3yrs) and a very unique Male, Calico, Munchkin mix. He's long, yet short. He's not scared, but he's very VERY careful about everything he does. You can NEVER be to safe according to Gabe. Oh, and he REALLY loves skinks.

Would you consider corals on Consignment?

Sure... we have many corals that we're selling for others that don't have the time to deal with selling themselves. If you're intested, we're more than willing to talk to you about it.

Safety First - Dipping & Health Measures

All corals are dipped prior to being packaged and shipped, or packaged for picked up by appointment. If we receive an order from Wholesalers those corals are dipped upon delivery and watched closely for any signs of problems.
Typically Softies and Euphilia are kept in one system thats more nutrient rich than the fully seperate system that Anemone's and SPS/Acropora are kept in. We feel this allows us to best tailor the water conditions to the needs of different types of corals, while still functioning in some form of a 'general' parameter for each different system. Anemone's received from wholesalers or other locally are quarentined for 7+ days depending on health and typically receive a Cipro regimen while quarentined. Anemone's can be "weird" and some require more attention than others. We do what we can to avoid any nasties getting into our systems and thus shipping any nasties out to you. We however cannot guarantee every single thing gets eliminated.
We ALWAYS suggest reefers dip corals they receive, quarentine for safety and never transfer water things are shipped into your own tanks.

Do you ship?

With the current Covid-19 situation we've decided to stick to local appointments and pickup/delivery. That will change and we'll resume shipping, but we're not setting a hard date for that. Meanwhile corals and anemones keep growing.